• Christmas Gift Guide: For Those Last-Minute Shoppers

    This post contains gifted items (marked with an *) 

    If you’re like me and you’ve blinked and we are suddenly mid-way through December. You’ve realised that only half of your Christmas shopping is done and you’ve no idea what to buy for your family and friends?

    I’ve got your back. I thought I’d come along and help with some suggestions of Christmas Gifts for those last-minute shoppers like myself.


    Swapping your usual plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one is often the first step people make to be more eco-conscious. Gifting a bamboo toothbrush is perfect for a stocking filler, but have you ever considered a regular bamboo toothbrush subscription?

    Subscription boxes are really popular at the moment, but you often end up with items you don’t really want or need. But BambooClub* offer a subscription service where you’re able to have your toothbrush delivered directly to your door for just £3.89 every eight weeks. A subscription box with a conscience.

    2019 has been all about plastic consumption and what we can do to reduce that. More and more people are now ditching plastic carrier bags for more eco-friendly alternatives, my favourites being a good old canvas tote bag.

    I am somebody with a plethora of canvas tote bags, from freebies I’ve been given at events to thoughtfully designed bags from independent brands like Sighh. A tote bag is a must-have for most of my outfits, they’re practical and stylish and they make an ideal Christmas gift.

    The latter part of this year I made the switch from bottled shampoo to solid shampoo bars and I honestly wish I’d done it sooner. Not only are they better for the environment, but they often last longer too. I was finding myself going through a bottle of shampoo in a couple of weeks, whereas now I’m finding their solid alternatives are lasting me nearer 2 months!

    Why not gift your loved ones their very own bar of solid shampoo, this one from Christophe Robin* is super hydrating and leaves your hair feeling nourished and silky smooth without leaving a sticky residue.


    If you know somebody who not only cares about their impact on the planet, but also wants to look stylish, why not consider a pair of Trend Tonic Earrings.*

    These lightweight statement earrings are made in Kent with vegan-friendly cork leather, an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. They’re super lightweight so very comfortable to wear, which makes a nice change from a lot of statement earrings that often weigh you down.


    Hopefully, this post has given you a few ideas of some last-minute Christmas gifts for your loved ones, without sacrificing the environment this Christmas period.


    This post contains gifted items (marked with an *)